Starter Pack

Our starter pack allows you to get the whole range of services that you will need at the beginning of a business at an extremely competitive rate. Once you have communicated the essence of your business model and your vision and provided us with the content that you want put up, you can focus on your core business and let us take care of your digital identity. The starter pack includes the following services.

Logo Creation:

Your logo is the most important and visible part of your brand identity. It should ideally be simple and eye catching and should be able to visually express the vision and business activities of your company. The simplest logos are often the toughest to do and often take an inordinate amount of time. Our process for creating logos assumes that you already have an idea of what the logo should represent. Starting from there, we work with your team to merge art and business and come up with an effective logo.

Website Creation:

Our approach to website creation is to provide you with the greatest flexibility and power. Once we are done, we also train your team to update and do the regular maintenance of the website so that you do not have to keep engaging external agencies for updates. The websites we create are clean, secure and come with unlimited email accounts. The space and bandwidth is restricted when you avail of the starter pack, but 99% of the businesses we have worked with do not need more than this amount of space and bandwidth in the first few years. If your firm is into data intensive websites like a podcasting or a video casting service, or if you are running an online store, you will need additional space and bandwidth.

What is most important, we ensure that ownership of your website and domain names is retained in your name. The websites also have a digital certificate and use SSL by default. Facilities for backup and restoration of your data are also provided.

The cost of the starter pack also includes buying a .com or .in domain name and hosting for a year. After the first year, you will have to renew the domain name and web hosting as per your needs and convinience

Social Media strategy:

We work with your team to devise the best way to engage with various social media platforms. We will sign you up to 4 of the most important social media platforms for your business. The specific platforms will depend on the type of business you are engaging in and the size of your social media team.


The starter pack will cost Rs. 32,000(Rupees Thirty Two Thousand only) exclusive of taxes. Of this, Rs. 20,000(Rupees Twenty Thousand only) has to be paid as an advance.

However, we provide substantial discounts to companies that are running earth friendly businesses and sustainable businesses.

Value Added Services:

In addition to the starter pack, the following services may be required by certain companies. The cost of the Value Added Services will be in addition to the cost of the starter pack and will vary depending on your requirement.

  • Content Creation: Our experts help you create perfectly worded content that help enhance your brand value. Content can be written, photographic, artistic or video.
  • Logo Conceptualization: Most organizations have a vague idea of what they expect from a logo. If that clarity does not exist, we provide facilitation for brainstorming sessions which can help arrive at the concept to create the logo.
  • Social Media Management. Our team can help you manage the various social media accounts of your company in order to maximize customer engagement. Please note that we do not provide services where automated services artificially increase follower counts and other practices that are normally frowned upon in the online community.