The importance of identity

Your digital identity is your biggest asset. With the online component of most businesses rising, digital identities become much more important. They define your brand recall and reputation, help in business development and customer retention and play a major role in enhancing turnover.

Brandmasala is an attempt to help the Small and Medium scale Enterprises(SMEs) manage their digital identities in a way that can help them become competitive with the big firms with big pockets. Our business model focuses on providing the greatest value for money at the initial stages and growing with the company.

Our services cover end to end Identity management and includes, but is not restricted to, logo creation, website development, content creation, technical writing, social media management, online administration of businesses, software and business process automation and technical consulting.

Ethical and Professional

Our team, formed from industry experts with a wide range of experiences, prides itself on its ethics and professionalism. The websites we develop for you do not have indiscriminate trackers and pop ups. They are also optimized for security and resist common malware attacks. Our social media campaigns do not use automated accounts to temporarily increase follower numbers. We take a more basic approach that involves a long term view to managing businesses.

We look forward to working with your business to ensure that your digital identity and related activities are nurtured with the highest level of professionalism and integrity.